AdEase AP Journal #5

AdEase AP Journal #5

“I’m at my breaking point.”

This is a common saying that I have been hearing from college aged peers for years now, and a saying that I have been thinking a lot about in recent weeks.  Usually, it refers to someone who is so stressed out and bogged down by so many responsibilities that they are about to crack. But as is with many adolescent soon to be “adults,” sometimes things get exaggerated.

There are currently many different activities on my daily plate. Some of the common ones include working here at AdEase, going to an intensive summer school course, or editing videos I’m contracted to finish for freelance work. With each individual activity, there are seemingly infinite tasks that need to get done all in a timely manner. I would be lying if I said that I never felt like I too was at my “breaking point” and had thought myself into a hole of unsurmountable work and stress. For many, this would be it, and labeling this moment as the breaking point and simply giving up would be the only option.

Working at AdEase has exposed me to a number of individuals who don’t limit themselves by a breaking point. Instead, they take their responsibilities in stride and come up with quick and creative ways of dealing with the unforeseen issues that always seem to arise. This dynamic approach to problem solving has led me to coin a new term; The Bending Point.

The bending point refers to the level at which you feel that you’re about to snap with everything you need to get done, but instead of breaking under the pressure, you bend. You become more flexible in your capacity to achieve your goals and in the process come to new realizations of what you are truly capable of. I think that I have come close to my bending point since starting in the TAP program and for that I am truly grateful.


Isaac Maltzer

Digital AP

Mood: Flexible

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