Creative Project Manager

At Civilian, we judge our work on a single, compelling metric: Did we move people? Move them to learn, move them to engage, and move them to take action. It’s impactful and inspiring work for the right kind of individual, and we pride ourselves in doing things differently to move the bar.

We are seeking an internal Creative Project Manager with a passion for social change, to manage and support all agency initiatives as our main hub and liaison. This individual will lead with critical thinking, proactive problem solving, and superior communication skills, requiring internal process and project management experience. Agency background must be heavy, with project know-how beginning with briefs, change order implementation with risk/contingency planning, and deliveries that are on time, under budget, and within scope.

To achieve excellence in this role, they will have mastered the above but also be agile and have a strong understanding of budgetary constraints, per contract, heightened communication skills, resilient leadership, exceptional organization and a knack for task-oriented self and team management. The agency will rely on this person for organization of project coordination per schedule and budgets, entailing daily/routine task management to assist in pushing projects forward, as well as having a large hand in building/evolving operations and processes considered Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

The Creative Project Manager seeks out knowledge and insights from other team members and departments as needed and possess a hunger for personal development. They will continually strive to learn and provide support for team members, while assist in delivering exceptional end results for our clients.

 Responsibilities Include, (but not limited to):

  • High level operational mindset with ability to hone in on minuscule detail for best practices and turn-key procedures
  • Implement change in evolution of processes through all departments and teams in a professional, efficient, and effective manner
  • Oversee project inception, timing, resource allocation, production, and delivery of campaign or project materials
  • Management of PM platform and processes having to do with projects milestones and tasks with resources and allocations
  • Consistently confirm and communicate departmental tasks due for specific projects (Scrum/Agile); this includes changes in timeline, scope, resourcing, and any other conflicts that arise, projected or unforeseen – it’s your job to know both/all as best as you can predict
  • Monitors personal progress and hours through all phases of production – aware of budgets and time constraints.
  • Show initiative with personal goals and report successes.



  • Required: 3-4+ years in advertising/agency project management
  • PMP certification a plus+
  • Experience with Accelo Project Management System
  • Proficient with Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook
  • Exemplary organizational skills
  • Strong communication skills and high attention to detail
  • Time management skills
  • Figure-it-out mentality
  • Hunger for learning and growth potential


To apply, please send your resume, cover letter and salary expectations to and use “Applying for Creative Project Manager at Civilian” in the subject line.

***Please Note: this is not a graphic designer/creative director role. However you would be working directly with the Creative team as the hub overseeing projects and playing air traffic control. 

About the Company: Civilian is a full-service marketing communications agency dedicated to building stronger communities. For 18 years, we have worked with government agencies and community organizations at the forefront of the most stubborn public health and community issues in California. From healthy eating, suicide prevention, and mental health stigma reduction to recycling, conservation, and disaster preparedness—we turn audience research and insights into education and outreach strategies that ultimately influence individual behavior.