At Civilian, walking away from a challenge just isn’t our style. There’s simply too much fun in sorting things out – especially when there’s no apparent solution in sight. Because that’s when things get interesting; that’s when questions are asked and assumptions dismissed; that’s when insights arise, and answers materialize. So what are you waiting for? Let’s hug it out!


Convention, mostly. Because churning out the familiar, the ordinary, the expected? We’d rather leave that to the meek. Civilian is not here to inherit the earth – we want to play a part in changing it…and we’re always on the lookout for partners with the passion and promise to reach that worthwhile goal.


At Civilian, we recognize the critical importance of setting ambitious goals – but realize that’s just a first step, in a vigorous and dynamic process designed not only to meet those objectives, but to measure them, to analyze the results, and to forge a path to sustain and further them. Nobody said it would ever be easy; but that’s what makes it all so rewarding.