It’s like an internship on steroids.

The Civilian internship program, known as the Talent Accelerator Program (TAP), is far from the typical intern experience. Recent college grads and/or current students do REAL WORK FOR REAL CLIENTS (and of course some spec work for spec clients). They will experience agency life on a real-world basis in a real environment (no required dry cleaning pick up or taking out of garbage).

Interns participate in a 90 day paid internship at Civilian, located in beautiful Liberty Station, San Diego.

At the end of the program you’ll be asked to present a project you and your co-“Accepted Protégés” (or APs as we affectionately refer to you) have put together based on your shared experience and time spent with key department personnel.

Similar to a startup accelerator program, we invest our time and resources into candidates that have an incredible amount of potential and value to bring to the industry. Your future success is our focus and goes far beyond the program.

And don’t worry… it’s not all about the work. We also love to play. Our culture prides itself not only on success, innovation and excellence, but also Fitness Fridays. This includes yoga, fun runs, OTL, flag football.

Still not convinced of how awesome the TAP experience is? Don’t take our word for it, read this blog written by someone who actually lived it.

Currently, APs are being sought after for: Account Services (to support the ACSV team on the front lines working with clients daily); and Creative (concepting, design, production, etc. — Note: Adobe Creative Suite knowledge is a must/Video editing experience a HUGE bonus). Applications are being accepted now. Please submit your resume to Careers@civilian.agency with the subject “TAP Program.” Include a resume, a cover letter and short video. Your cover letter should talk about a possible solution you have for any of the challenges that the media or advertising industry faces.

The 15 Second video can be about anything you deem appropriate for bagging this gig. Upload the video to Instagram with #CivilianTAP or post it on our Facebook page at www.Facebook.com/agencycivilian
Best of luck and we hope to see you soon.

NOTE: You MUST be able to stick to a strict schedule of MWF for 5 hours each day. Sorry, this one is not negotiable.